img_0024December 6th marks a tragic day in Canadian history. Fourteen young women were murdered in Montreal on this day 26 years ago. We take time today to remember women and girls who have lost their lives through violence and who suffer from abuse in their lives right now. We can take action by speaking up about violence and by encouraging people who commit violence to get help.



God of Life, today we stop and remember women and girls who are suffering from harm and abuse. We pray for open hearts and minds to support women and girls. Help us to offer hope to one another and to act to end violence against women. Help us to bring about a world where women and men – boys and girls are able to love and to be loved. AMEN

Source: Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association – http://www.oectawaterloo.on.ca/news/article/10-NationalDayofRemembrance.pdf


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