Called to Share in the Convulsions of the World

I am very, very troubled by the turn the world has taken. On top of the Trump election, Interpol has elected China’s Hongwei Meng, Vice Minister of Public Security as its President. This is extraordinarily worrying given China’s longstanding practice of trying to use Interpol to arrest dissidents and refugees abroad. I don’t know how Canada voted, but can’t believe that the int’l community could be this ignorant.

As Sam Zarifi, of the International Commission of Jurists tweeted:

And as Christians, if we want to gain our souls and not lose them  in some Faustian bargain,

“Our calling now and always is not to sugarcoat the gospel as entertaining diversion from a writhing world but as the power from God for sharing in its convulsions as people of indestructible hope.”



Photo credit: Al Jaugelis, Sculpture by Rubén Martinez in Museo de Arte de El Salvador 

And as Sarah Kendzior in her prescient piece in the Globe, “A Fascist’s Win, America’s Moral loss”  exhorted us, that if we care about human rights the days are upon us that we will need to count the cost if we are serious about fighting for the rights of others and accept that our lives will be at risk. We will need to:

“Find strength in fighting for the rights of others. [because] It is better to go out fighting than to have nothing worth fighting for at all.”


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