Repression Redux

I recently learned of the plight of Jose Figueroa, a refugee from the civil war in El Salvador and a long-time resident of Langley, BC, who has come to the difficult decision to claim sanctuary inside the safety of the Walnut Grove Lutheran Church.

Jose, a father of three children–who all have Canadian citizenship–is fighting an unjust deportation order. Langley M.P. Mark Warawa could not explain why his government would deport Jose based on his past affiliation with a group which is now the democratically elected government of El Salvador. Warwara stated:

Under these same immigration policies, Nelson Mandela would not be accepted into our country either.

You can read the full story here.

Please support Jose and his family in their claim for justice by:

1) Following @wearejose on Twitter or “liking” the *We Are Jose* campaign on Facebook.

2) Sign the petition to the Hon. Steven Blaney to reverse the deportation order to Jose Figueroa.

3) Visit the We Are Jose website.

4) Learn more by reading the editorial by the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group here.