Five Things You Can Do to Help Gaza

If you cannot attend one of the many demonstrations happening today across Canada in support of the people of Gaza, take a few minutes to email or phone your MP and ask them to inform you on what steps the Canadian government is taking to end the suffering and loss of life in Gaza and Israel.

Building Bridges Vancouver

Forward from CJPME:  Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East

Like us, many of you are probably upset and heartbroken by the recent violence which has resulted in over 213 Palestinian deaths, 1 Israeli death, and over 1400 injured. Worse, the Canadian government stands blindly with Israel as the carnage continues. If you feel helpless to try to stop the violence which threatens both Palestinian and Israeli lives, here are five things you can do from Canada:

1. Send an email to MP by clicking here.  You’ll see we suggest a text which you can edit to your liking. Our tool looks up your MP by postal code. Be sure to complete step 2 in the process to ensure your MP gets your email.

2. Call your MP. Click here to look up your MP by postal code, and then his/her telephone number. A call…

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