Saying Good-bye to a Full Contact Believer


Earlier today at Jack Layton’s funeral, the Rev. Brent Hawkes shared his parishioner’s take on genuine faith,

 I believe that how I live my life everyday, is an act of worship.

                                                       –Jack Layton 


I often read the commentary by David Lose as part of my sermon preparation. As I read the following words from his commentary for tomorrow’s  gospel reading, I couldn’t help thinking about the late Rt. Hon. Jack Layton.

To know God, you have to go with God.

Faith is a full contact, participation sport.

You just can’t sit back and expect to really know God,

you have to get up off the couch and get in the game,

take a risk, try something marvelous,

reach for something  you thought unachievable,

step out onto the winding road the end of which you can’t see from your doorstep.

                                                          –David Lose


Thank-you Jack, for keeping faith and for showing us by the example of your life the essence of true religion.



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