Thank-you Bob Rae

Introductory paragraph of my sermon for tomorrow

“Sometimes the world just breaks your heart,” These words were spoken or more accurately tweeted by Bob Rae on his twitter stream in response to the tragic bombing and shooting in Norway’s capital and a summer youth camp outside of  Oslo. I quote Bob Rae not because I’m weaving politics into my sermon but because his seven simple words were honest and humble…more humble that the dozens of self-described experts—pundits, bloggers and journalists???who rushed to pronounce that the attacks were the work of Al Qaeda or some other Islamist extremists. Sometimes, it’s better to season our comments with a little humility, or better yet, to refrain from saying anything at all until all the facts are in. Sometimes when the world is breaking your heart it’s better to just spread your arms in love and bow your head in sorrow.


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